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Nat Mundy

The Ethanol Producer Magazine article Diversifying Energy Options said

Many experts assert that energy prices trend together. By October, crude prices had dropped considerably from the peaks experienced earlier in the year. Ethanol prices have fallen significantly since the highs of mid-year, too. If there’s truth to the notion that low energy costs deter the development and implementation of alternatives, then today’s lower natural gas prices could warrant concern for those with vested interests in the proliferation of alternative energy systems and feedstocks. According to Nat Mundy, CEO of Future Renewable Energy Enterprises LLC (FREE) — a gasification systems provider — lower natural gas prices don’t justify foregoing alternative energy plans.
“Those in charge of natural gas then (when the prices were high) are still in charge now,” he says. “The same environment still exists.” Mundy says low-cost energy, such as that produced from the clean combustion or gasification of waste materials, supersedes conventional pricing trends. The cost of natural gas for ethanol plants is significant, and Mundy insists that FREE’s modular, scalable biomass gasifiers could reduce or eliminate those costs. Reducing bottom lines by producing energy with a “negative cost” feedstock could facilitate future ethanol projects’ development outside the Corn Belt by offsetting higher transportation costs with lower energy costs in an effort to remain competitive. Overall though, Mundy says he still hasn’t seen a lot of movement toward gasification of biomass in the ethanol industry.
“Ethanol producers don’t have to jump into this with both feet,” he tells EPM. “They could start by supplementing some of their natural gas use now without taking a giant leap into the unknown.”

Nat Mundy is CEO of Carbon Offset Originators (CO2) and Free Clean Energy (FREE).
CO2 is a Carbon Credit Development Company. CO2 produced the first Carbon Credits in the US from a Sustainable Forest and has listed these on the Georgia Forest Registry. It is also working with the State of Florida and Georgia to develop a Regional Environmental Asset Bank. On this Registry Carbon Credits, Wetlands Mitigation Credits, Stream Restoration Credits, Energy Efficiency Credits and RECs will be Registered.
FREE Clean Energy is a Renewable Energy Technology Company that builds, owns, and operates Power Islands for Industrial and Municipal Clients. They use biomass fuels such as wood waste, C&D, and MSW to create low cost clean power. They also provide clean biomass fuels to existing industrial boilers and mulch operations. Their client list includes Walt Disney World, Universal Studios, Duke Power, International Paper, Georgia Pacific, Interstate Paper, Atlas / Superior Mulch, and CHEP pallets.