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Dr. Nagesh Kolishetti

Nagesh Kolishetti, Ph.D. is Post Doctoral Fellow, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center, University of Georgia.
Nagesh coauthored Effect of surfactants on the fluorescence spectra of water-soluble MEHPPV derivatives having grafted polyelectrolyte chains, An Efficient Bulk-Heterojunction Photovoltaic Cell Based on Energy Transfer in Graded-Bandgap Polymers, Relative Reactivities of Isobutylene, Styrene, and Ring-Substituted Styrenes in Cationic Polymerizations, Engineering of self-assembled nanoparticle platform for precisely controlled combination drug therapy, and Structure-Reactivity Scales in Carbocationic Polymerizations.
Currently, there is no cure and no preventive vaccine for HIV/AIDS. Combination antiretroviral therapy has dramatically improved treatment, but it has to be taken for a lifetime, has major side effects and is ineffective in patients in whom the virus develops resistance. Nanotechnology is an emerging multidisciplinary field that is revolutionizing medicine in the 21st century. It has a vast potential to radically advance the treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS.
In the review Emerging nanotechnology approaches for HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention, Nagesh and coauthors discuss the challenges with the current treatment of the disease and shed light on the remarkable potential of nanotechnology to provide more effective treatment and prevention for HIV/AIDS by advancing antiretroviral therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, vaccinology, and microbicides.
Nagesh earned his M.Sc. in Chemistry, University of Hyderabad, India and his Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry at the Indian Institute of Science.
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