Advisory Board

Mike P. Sinn

Mike P. Sinn is CEO at QuAnTiMoDo, Architect at Crowdsourcing Utopia, and Chemistry Lab Manager at St. Louis Testing Laboratories.
QuAnTiMoDo will be a web-based data aggregation, integration, visualization, and analysis engine bringing together data from various life tracking web and smartphone applications and devices. It will take advantage of the advent of new self-quantification technologies facilitating citizen scientists to share their discoveries with the goal of finding new treatments and root causes for all forms of chronic illness.
In order to abolish suffering, we must optimize the human mind. The fastest way to do this is by crowd-sourcing clinical research with observational studies on anonymously donated data.
There is a psychological prison which currently incarcerates millions of minds around the world. It is an invisible and ignored epidemic. About half of the people you know will develop a mental illness at some point during their lifetime. Over 50 million Americans are currently forced to endure their lives characterized primarily by quiet desperation, which is often a fate worse than death.
Chronic illness can be eradicated by facilitating observation studies on data gathered through self-experimentation. Everyone engages in this self-experimentation every day, whether they realize it or not. People do this by changing their exercise habits, changing their sleep patterns, changing their diets, changing their drug consumption, changing their social interactions, changing their environmental stimuli, etc. The problem is that almost no one is collecting any of this data. As a result, there are billions of precious data points being lost every day. We must collect these secrets to happiness and share them so that we may put an end to this psychological devastation.
Mike earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in 2004.
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