Advisory Board

Dr. Michael Witbrock

Michael Witbrock, Ph.D. is Vice President of Research at Cycorp and Founder and CEO at Curious Cat Company.
Michael earned has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Before joining Cycorp in 2001 to direct its knowledge formation and dialogue processing efforts, he had been Principal Scientist at Terra Lycos, working on integrating statistical and knowledge based approaches to understanding web user behavior; a research scientist at Just Systems Pittsburgh Research Center, working on statistical summarization; and a systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon on the Informedia spoken document information retrieval project.
He also performed dissertation work in the area of speaker modeling. He is author of numerous publications in areas ranging across neural networks, parallel computer architecture, multimedia information retrieval, web browser design, genetic design, computational linguistics, and speech recognition.
Michael’s papers include An Introduction to the Syntax and Content of Cyc, Informedia: News-on-Demand Multimedia Information Acquisition and Retrieval, Ultra-Summarization: A Statistical Approach to Generating Highly Condensed Non-Extractive Summaries, Inducing Criteria for Lexicalization Parts of Speech Using the Cyc KB, and An Implementation of Back-Propagation Learning on GF11, a Large SIMD Parallel Computer.
His patents include Search results using editor feedback, Semantics-based method and apparatus for document analysis, Method for producing summaries of text document, Method of transforming natural language expression into formal language representation, and Method and apparatus for rapidly producing document summaries and document browsing aids.
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