Advisory Board

Michael Phillips

Michael Phillips is Cofounder | Social Media Strategist | Online Community Director at Kaku Media Inc. and Freelance (Web-Social-Community-Design-Mgmt) at Michael Phillips.
Michael created, deployed, and currently maintains Dr. Michio Kaku’s myriad of web & social media properties with prime focus on community development, online growth strategy, core branding, and corporate relations for over a decade. He has deployed and maintain series of social media networks with a combined total of over 300,000 sci-tech enthusiasts from over 160 countries. He sources and evaluates strategic partnerships in the social media space. He does strategic planning and creative concept development for both on and offline initiatives.
Michael is a certified Master CIW Web Site Manager whose specialties include:

  • Social Media Development & Growth Initiatives
  • Community Development & Deployment Strategies / Mgmt
  • Media Production (Graphics, Editing, Delivery)
  • Internet Technologies & Web Trends
  • Web Design (Front-End, Usability, Creative)
  • Strategic and Tactical Research
  • Corporate Relations & Partnerships
Visit his Science & Technology Facebook page. Read his LinkedIn profile. Follow his Twitter feed.