Advisory Board

Michael Free

Michael Free has a deep passion for computing and technology, and how it relates and affects our everyday lives.
For the last half-decade Michael has been engaged as a Software Licensing Specialist providing outsourced support for Microsoft for small and medium sized businesses. Eventually moving on to working with a major Large Account Reseller and providing Microsoft Licensing and Contractual advice for Fortune 500 companies with multi-million dollar agreements.
Despite having such an extensive background in Microsoft Licensing and Copyright, Michael is an avid user and supporter of Free and Open Source Software.
Currently he works as a Technical Consultant for a Remote Management (M2M) Software company in the Greater Toronto Area that specializes in embedded devices, kiosks, ATMs, and digital signage.
Michael has been an observer of Bitcoin for nearly 4 years, and actively involved in the use of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since 2012 and has watched the community blossom.
Michael engages in:

  • Mining of Bitcoin and other alternative cryptocurrencies
  • Bitcoin commodities, stocks, and bonds
  • Tradings and speculation of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies
  • Automation and experimentation with automated python scripts and bots designed for trading
Read his LinkedIn profile.