Advisory Board

Michael E. Thomas

Atomic holographic optical data storage nanotechnology is the goal of Colossal Storage Corporation, a California research and development company, whose CEO/President is Michael E. Thomas.
The US Patent office says Michael is the first person in USPTO history to teach the art of a Non-Contact optical tuning method using photon induced electric field poling of a ferroelectric molecule used as an atomic switch.
His patents expire in 2020, but he already has many new patentable ferroelectric atomic holographic storage ideas using his patented nanoparticle laser accelerator function based on photon induced electric field poling that will be filed in 2020 extending the patent protection until 2040.
Michael’s vision is to replace magnetic hard drives, a market he pioneered. No other optical storage technology in the world other than Colossal Storage will be able to replace magnetic hard drive functionality one for one.
His presentations include Atomic Holographic Storage Nanotechnology to the National Science Foundation in 2004, Ferroelectric Molecular Optical Storage Nanotechnology at the Eighth NASA Goddard Conference on Mass Storage Systems and Technologies / Seventeenth IEEE Symposium on Mass Storage Systems in 2000, and Ferroelectric Molecular Optical Storage Nanotechnology at SPIE’s 45th Annual Meeting, The Int’l Symposium on Optical Science and Technology, in 2000.
Michael was a cofounder of Evotek, one of the first hard drive companies in the world, which was later acquired by HMT Technologies. He also developed one of the world’s first RAID multitasking disk drive storage systems and one of the world’s first portable self contained briefcase computer systems.
He completely designed the Xebec Owl 3.5 in. drive. Xebec funded his next magnetics company, start-up IMC, later acquired by IBM. At IMC, Michael worked with Dr. Dyke, inventor of the laser disk, where he perfected electrolysis and electrolytic plating, sputtered cobalt/carbon for hard disks, and developed theories for using lasers on magnetics including three dimensional recording.
Michael has 7 patents on ferroelectrics used for a solid state drive and 2 patents on an Integrated Read/Write Head for Ferroelectric Optical Storage Media #6,028,835 and #6,046,973 assigned by US PTO 2000 which will be used to develop the Ferroelectric Molecular Holographic/3D Optical Storage Drive Device.
He has done many other projects including building and designing a production plant in Bulgaria, consulting for Kaiser Aerospace, Commodore Computer Systems, California Computer Systems, and Transpacific Emergency power systems. He has been offered jobs at NASA, Lawrence Livermore Laboratory, and Stanford SLAC.