Advisory Board

Matthew Kenahan, MSc

Matthew Kenahan, MSc is Founder & CEO at The Bitcoin Society, Board of Trustees Member at brubru, and Board Member – Digital Fundraising Initiatives at Building Futures St. Louis Non-Profit.
The Bitcoin Society is a St. Louis-based company that shares a vision for creating a better world with digital currency. They are committed to providing the highest quality platform for all things digital currency related, with representation from all facets of the community. They provide services for those familiar with the emerging crypto economy as well as those looking to get involved. Through their guide, news service, and philanthropic initiatives, they aim to play an active role in the community: educating people on the basics of bitcoin, providing a relevant and easy to understand perspective on the latest news, and working towards a better planet through their philanthropic initiatives.
brubru’s team members are passionate and resolute about making the world a better place by helping others, particularly the marginalized people living in remote regions of the developing world. To that end, the team persistently seeks solutions to help democratize access to technology, which serves to engender the empowerment of rural communities in emerging countries.
Matt earned his Bachelor of Science (BS) in International Business, Marketing, and Spanish at Washington University in St. Louis in 2014. He earned his MSc in Digital Currency at the University of Nicosia in 2014.
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