Advisory Board

Dr. Martin E. Rosenberg

Martin E. Rosenberg, Ph.D. is Research Associate at the New Centre for Research and Practice.
Martin writes about the history of emergence as a concept; about competing models of time and the ideological, aesthetic, social and political stakes of dominance and resistance; and about embodied and distributed cognition across the arts, including Thomas Pynchon, Samuel Beckett, Ezra Pound, Duchamp, Beuys, Smithson, Kiki Smith, Arakawa and Gins, and music (Cage, jazz history and performance). He has also published on hypermedia and HCI Design theory and practice, and about the agency of metaphor in trans-disciplinary inquiry. Martin also plays jazz guitar, has composed numerous jazz pieces, and has begun to perform again in Pittsburgh: a jazz town, rich in history and talent.
His publications include Portals In Duchamp and Pynchon, Poet as Scapegoat — Poet as Strange Attractor: Control and Complexity in the ‘Pisan Cantos’, Jazz and Emergence — Part One: From Calculus to Cage, and from Charlie Parker to Ornette Coleman: Complexity and the Aesthetics and Politics of Emergent Form in Jazz, An Interview With Arakawa and Gins, Terminological Junctions in the Writings of Arakawa and Gins in Light of Gilles Deleuze’s ‘Shocks of Thought’, and Constructing Autopoiesis: The Architectural Body in Light of Contemporary Cognitive Science. Read the full list of his publications/talks!
Martin earned his Ph.D. in English: 20th Century Science, Technology, and Culture at the University of Michigan in 1989. He was also 2013–14 Visiting Fellow in Art and Cognition at the Center For Transformative Media, Parsons — The New School of Design.
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