Advisory Board

Marie-Clare Treseder

Marie-Clare Treseder is Photo Editor, Logistics Team at Singularity University.
Marie-Clare was previously Media/Logistics at Singularity University and Media Production Supervisor, Official Photographer at Singularity University.
Marie-Clare is a Senior undergrad at University of the Pacific, with a double major in Philosophy and Art History and a minor in Gender Studies. She is a practicing artist (film, photography, painting, multi-media, etc…) and an aspiring philosopher (analytic and ancient). She is most interested in intersections between metaphysics, epistemology, and creativity.
At Singularity University (SU) she helped to produce the documentary following SU’s evolution. She is motivated by the enormous positive influence that SU and its members are capable of and the interdisciplinary approach taken to enable advancements of all tracks in the program.
Read Renaissance Woman. Visit her website. Read her LinkedIn profile.