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Dr. Marco Baumgartl

Dr. rer. nat. Marco Baumgartl is researcher at the Arnold Sommerfeld Center for Theoretical Physics and at the Cluster of Excellence for Fundamental Physics.
Marco’s research is focused on the expansion of our fundamental understanding of physics. He is concerned with the theoretical investigation of the laws of nature at high energies. He is developing mathematical frameworks for describing these laws, which leads to a profoundly new view on the fundamental constituencies of our universe. This includes the existence of new particles and forces as well as higher dimensional physics in a multiverse.
He is studying the mathematical properties of D-branes, which are hypersurfaces that arise as dynamical objects embedded into higher-dimensional space. They are responsible for the visible particle spectrum, some subleading modifications of gravity as well as new cosmological models. He has investigated aspects of tachyonic fields in this context. In string field theory he tries to understand the underlying symmetries and works on the correspondence between open and closed strings, suggesting a correspondence between gravity and gauge field theories at lower energies derived from first principles. In supersymmetric theories he is investigating the rich physics of low energy fields that are responsible for the stability of D-branes.
He obtained his degree from the University of Munich, Germany, in 2007. Previously he conducted research at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, and King’s College London, United Kingdom.
Marco is the initiator and organizer of the SFP: International School on Strings and Fundamental Physics and the FoG-workshop Fundaments of Gravity.
The SFP schools in particular allow young researchers from economically less developed areas to attend a large international event with lectures by the world’s leading scientists in fundamental physics, and to establish contact to the international science community.
The FoG workshops bring together scientists working on different research fields but who share the desire to learn more about the most mysterious force in the universe. While focusing on the very latest developments in gravity research, the workshops are driven by the synergy of different research viewpoints.
Marco has authored several scientific publications including: D-brane superpotentials and RG flows on the quintic, Moduli Webs and Superpotentials for Five-Branes, D-brane Superpotentials: Geometric and Worldsheet Approaches, Factorization Conjecture and the Open/Closed String Correspondence, Backgrounds in Boundary String Field Theory, Open-Closed String Correspondence in Open String Field Theory, and Backgrounds in Boundary String Field.
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