Advisory Board

Marc Pous

Marc Pous is the founder of theThings.IO and cofounder of the Spanish travel blog
theThings.IO is the social network of the Internet of Things. With theThings.IO, users are able to aggregate, interact, and reprogram all of their networked devices efficiently and with an homogeneous experience.
Marc has presented at scientific conferences such as WWW2009 and others such as Maker Faire Rome 2013, RE-WORK Cities London 2013, and NoSQL Barcelona 2012. He won the Wip Jam MWC 2013 FirefoxOS hackathon. He was selected finalist at the LeWeb London 2013 and X Campus SeedRocket startup competition and at the Mozilla Jetpack for Learning Design Challenge 2010. At the Sonar 2013 he exposed the Internet connected sofa “One Seat Away” and the “Oktoberfest of Things” in Munich 2012–2013.
His papers include Citizen as a Sensor: The Barcelona Urban Mobility Use-case, The real-time Barcelona urban mobility with NoSQL technologies, Enhancing accessibility: mobile to ATM case study, Augmented reality as an enabling factor for the Internet of Things, Multimodal Interaction in Distributed and Ubiquitous Computing, PaTac: Urban, Ubiquitous, Personalized Services for Citizens and Tourists, and Ubiquitous, social networks in the street.
Marc was previously Researcher at Barcelona Digital Technology Centre, Cofounder and developer at HooverNotes, Researcher and Developer and TMT Factory, Analyst and PHP developer at, Analyst and PHP developer at, Research intern at AI department at UPC, and C# .NET Teacher at Academia Adams. He earned his degree in Computer Science at the Technical University of Catalonia in 2006.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read his GitHub profile, LinkedIn profile, and Meetup profile. Follow his Twitter feed.