Advisory Board

Malcolm Ocean

Malcolm Ocean is Founder of Complice and a forward thinking jack-of-all-trades.
Dedicated to the effective altruism movement, Malcolm tries to understand how humans work and works towards upgrading the systems within (mindset) and between (culture) them. Through experimenting with himself and sharing with others, Malcolm is a tidal wave of positive change.
Complice acts as an automated personal life coach. By identifying and connecting your main goals with your daily actions, it helps you move forwards consistently. Complice also offers practical advice and tips on its blog.
In 2015 Malcolm graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Systems Design Engineering and has served as the Center for Applied Rationality’s Workshop Assistant and Unofficial Community Manger. Over the years he has worked as a software engineer, developer, and researcher at several organizations such as Kik, Twitter, and University of Waterloo.
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