Advisory Board

Dr. M. Mark Karindas

M. Mark Karindas, MD is the President of the World Academy of Medical Sciences, where he has been serving for more than two decades now. He is also Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Oncobiomarkers, Associate Editor of the American Journal of Biomedicine, and on the Editorial Board of the Journal of Cancer Sciences.
Having extensive experience as a research scientist in Clinical and Molecular Oncology, he is the holder of landmark theories including the Multicellular Origin of Cancer and “Oncogenetic Evolution” as well as the OCAT and ECE theories. He is also the creator and writer of the KGS, the Karindas Grading System, the all-encompassing universal paradigm of tumor grading and a new integral method of clinical management in oncology.
Mark’s main research interests are oncogenesis, metastasis, cancer stem cells, tumor cell biology, molecular oncopathology, cell signaling, signal transduction, extracellular matrix, and the origin and evolution of cancer. He is currently busy working on the creation and establishment of a new medical algorithmic system which will universally be used in oncology and all other fields of medicine.
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