Advisory Board

Dr. Linus Gisslén

Linus Gisslén, Ph.D. is Postdoctoral Researcher in Physics & Machine Learning at IDSIA.
Linus coauthored Sequential Constant Size Compressors for Reinforcement Learning which won the 2011 Kurzweil Prize for Best AGI Paper.
He also coauthored Crystallochromy of perylene pigments: Interference between Frenkel excitons and charge-transfer states, Asymmetry between Absorption and Photoluminescence Line Shapes of TPD: Spectroscopic Fingerprint of the Twisted Biphenyl Core, Resonant Raman spectra of diindenoperylene thin films, Selective excitation of exciton transitions in PTCDA crystals and films, and Exciton–phonon coupling in diindenoperylene thin films.
Linus earned his MSc in Physics at Linköping University, Sweden in 2003 with the thesis “Studies of Charge and Energy Transport in Poly(phenylene vinylene)”. He earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Semiconductor Physics at TU München, Germany in 2009 with the dissertation Influence of Frenkel Excitons and Charge Transfer States on the Spectroscopic properties of Molecular Crystals.