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Dr. Lilia Lens-Pechakova

Lilia Lens-Pechakova, Ph.D. is Publisher of LILE Editions.
LILE Editions covers new scientific developments on life extension and healthy aging. You can read about calorie restriction, life extension drugs, genetic engineering, nanotechnology, social life, sports and all ways to healthy long life.
Lilia authored Closing the East–West Life Expectancy Gap in the European Union: A New Strategy and Science and Science Fiction toward Life Extension — study on recent works, interaction, differences and resemblances in the approach of scientists and science fiction writers, and coauthored Novel method for regioselective 2’-O-methylation and its application to the synthesis of 2’-O-methyl-5-[[(carboxymethyl) amino] methyl] uridine, and Interaction of thymine and uracils with some R, β-unsaturated esters. Her patents include A novel method for preparation of acetylhydrazine and A novel method for preparation of 1– methyl-6-phenyl-8-chloro-1,2,4-triazolo(4,3-a)-benzodiazepine.
Her articles include Epigenetics, Hunger, Fear, and the Animal Farm, Bones and Bone Marrow, its Fat Tissue and Blood Vessels, Cocoa, Vitamin D, Action in the Brain, Life Extension and the Ageless State, Hormones, Rejuvenation, and Premature Death, On Centenarians, Old Age as Cause of Death, Treatment and Cynicism, On Complex Interactions and Computational Models, Longevity and Hypertension, and On Alzheimer’s, Amyloid Beta Oligomers, Gene and Stem Cells therapy and the Manic Mice.
Lilia earned her MSc in Chemistry at Sofia University, Bulgaria in 1974. She earned her Ph.D. in Chemistry at the State Committee for Science in 1982. She did her PostDoc in Organic and Life Chemistry Engineering at the Tokyo Institute of Technology and her PostDoc in Medical Chemistry at University of Leuven, Belgium. She earned her Doctor in Science from the Flemish Ministry of Education, Belgium in 1997.
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