Advisory Board

Dr. Leslie Schneider

Leslie Schneider, Ph.D. is president, Formative Networks and consultant for DesignWorlds for Learning.
Leslie is an organizational development consultant with expertise in the design of work systems and technologies to support learning, community building, and organizational improvement in non-profit, educational, and corporate settings. She created and managed one of the first online service and learning communities for NIST’s Manufacturing Extension Partnership Program. In addition to consulting and teaching, her work has included developing online professional development programs in healthcare and information technology.
Currently, she is engaged in a variety of consulting and entrepreneurial ventures focused on using web technologies for learning and community-building, and marketing. She is working with a start-up company focused on using web technologies (including a personal workflow widget, interactive exhibits, and online communities) to actively engage and connect consumers with cultural organizations and activities. Finally, she is also involved with the development of a digital toolkit and teacher community for teaching expository writing.
Leslie’s specialties include: qualitative action research, community management, work systems design, continuous improvement, business development, corporate partnerships, grant writing, e-learning, organizational development and technology strategy consulting, knowledge management, and design of innovative learning technologies.
Leslie served as Director of Professional Programs at Northeastern University’s College of Professional Studies. She was previously an internal consultant to the Vice President for Personnel and Information Technology at The World Bank Group. She led a $1M “action research” project that resulted in the development and implementation of an integrated strategy to improve knowledge management, administrative coordination within the World Bank, and collaboration with external clients and constituent communities.
She developed and implemented a strategy and product for managing the decentralization of Amnesty USA, including the design and implementation of a computer-based collaboration system for planning and managing the 1987/88 Human Rights Concert Tour. This resulted in world-wide adoption of this collaboration infrastructure by Amnesty International.
Leslie is a graduate of Northwestern University, B.A. in Theatre and Stanford University, Ph.D. in International Development Education.