Advisory Board

Leo Dominguez

Leo Dominguez is CEO at BitSent, COO at Right Servers, Owner of, and Diamond-Level Consultant at Immunotec Research.
From his Commodore 64 to his E5 Xeons, Voodoo 3dfx cards to AMD 6990s, ISA RAID cards to SSD drives, computer hardware has been a passion of Leo since childhood. He has striven to share his passion and knowledge with those around him. As a partner in Right Servers, Leo is dedicated to providing quality Cloud services to organizations of all sizes.
As a Bitcoin Foundation lifetime member, he is proud to promote bitcoin and its adoption into the mainstream.
As the CEO of BitSent, he is committed to making bitcoin more accessible. To this end, he is working to bring down barriers to entry in this new and exciting frontier.
Leo was previously Hardware Specialist at PC Waterloo, Technical Support at Toronto District School Board, and Technical Educator and Curriculum Developer at Computers 4 Kids.
Leo earned his BSc (Honors) in Scientific Computing at the University of Waterloo in 2006.
Read his LinkedIn profile and his Meetup profile. Follow his Twitter feed.