Advisory Board

Lee Robinson Petzer

Lee Robinson Petzer is Owner at Applied Technotopia and Blogger at Futurist Foresight. Lee is an entrepreneur, problem solver, analyst, digital strategist, networker, reporting specialist, blogger, futurist, MIS, and CRM.
Applied Technotopia is an agency centrally based in Groningen, the Netherlands, however positioned for global service. Their services are divided into 3 broad categories: management consulting, digital strategy, and online marketing.
Futurist Foresight scans the ever changing global environment and examines the leading trends in business management, strategic foresight, robotics, space (government and commercial), energy, the digital landscape, and other emerging technologies today, in order to better understand tomorrow and gain insight into where it may lead.
Lee’s experience has been earned in the analytical environment on two continents. This has ranged from the design and implementation of business intelligence reporting systems to online strategy via social media and search engine optimization in such diverse industries as contact centers, mobile telecommunications, financial services, insurance, e-commerce, cosmetics, and online marketing.
Lee earned his Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.) with a Management Specialization at the University of South Africa in 2009. He also authored Mementos from Chile: A Photographic Odyssey.
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