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Kimberly Forsythe

Kimberly Forsythe is Founder of AKuaponics3D and Namaste Coin.
AKuaponics3D aims to construct a community with positive worldwide impact, beginning with building AI-controlled vertical farms. These will provide fresh, local produce, while Namaste Coin, along with other cryptos serve as currency among their community members. Using the power of blockchain, Kim plans to direct the problem-solving potential of mining devices towards solving some of the world’s most complex problems.
With over seven years of involvement in the development of sustainable communities, Kim thoroughly understands the meaning of harmonious living and community. She previously worked as a manager at the Alpha Farm Cooperative.
Kim studied Information Technology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, and Artificial Intelligence at Southern New Hampshire University. She also studied Business Administration and Management at Riverside City College and Criminal Justice at the University of Phoenix.
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