Advisory Board

Kevin Jain

Kevin Jain founded the Harvard College Future Society, a student organization interested in evaluating the impact of future technologies on the human and humanity. He currently serves as president.
In 2010, with this organization, he hosted and organized the H+ Summit at Harvard: Rise of the Citizen Scientist, with organizational assistance from Humanity+. The summit brought together over 60 speakers to discuss technological trends and impacts on society, with specific emphasis on transhumanist technologies, with topics ranging from artificial intelligence and neuroscience to aging research and education, whole brain emulation, and open source software to robotics and future democracy.
As a student at Harvard University, he is particularly interested in the effects of accelerating technologies on the human itself, and plans to graduate with a special concentration drawing from philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, and other fields. He is currently working on a textbook that challenges the assumptions of modern day education. The textbook would integrate a discussion of emerging technologies into serious academic discussion, and necessitate a discussion of its implications on more traditional fields of studies.
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