Advisory Board

Keith A. Hoyes

Keith A. Hoyes coauthored the book Artificial General Intelligence edited by Dr. Ben Goertzel & Cassio Pennachin. He earned his BSc degree in engineering at the University of Hertfordshire in the UK. He went on to run several businesses in the electronics industry during the next 20 years. First, manufacturing advanced point of sale systems and later, producing miniature optical scanning engines for inclusion in various products around the world.
In the year 2000 he decided to begin full time independent research into human consciousness and artificial intelligence. Learn about his current research!
Keith authored The 4th Dimension, The 3d Matrix, Awakening, Love of life, Who is the knower?, How the human mind works, Emotions, Aesthetics, Wisdom, Transcend, The big questions, Polarization of space, Speculative ideas, A Unifying Principle, The Fundamental Problem, Artificial Intelligence, Space and Time, The concept of truth, Biological memory, Why can’t computers think, Artificial Instantiation, Object memory, Cluster Computing, Multiple GUI modality, Software as animation, and 3D simulation – the key to AI.