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Katja Grace

Katja Grace is Student at the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University; Past Visiting Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute; and Past Visiting Fellow at the Singularity Institute of Artificial Intelligence.
Katja authored Anthropic Reasoning in the Great Filter whose main point is that two popular anthropic reasoning principles, the Self Indication Assumption (SIA) and the Self Sampling Assumption (SSA), as well as Full Non-indexical Conditioning (FNC) basically agree that future filter steps will be larger than we otherwise think, including the many future filter steps that are existential risks.
She holds a B.S. in Science from Australian National University.
Katja authored Why do “respectable” women want dead husbands?, Ignorance of non-existent preferences, Thinking makes for a better chase, Externalizing between conformers, Free will isn’t a concept (unless you mean determinism), Be your conformist, approval seeking, self, When is investment procrastination?, and Meet science: rationalizing evidence to save beliefs.
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