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Karan Sharma

The paper Designing Knowledge Based Systems as Complex Adaptive Systems said

This paper proposes that knowledge based systems must be designed as complex adaptive systems and any other approach is not fundamental, even if it sometimes yields good results. Complex systems are characterized as having global behavior not always explainable from local behavior. Here we propose that the way we perceive knowledge in AI needs to change to Complex Adaptive, hence the need for a paradigm shift is stressed.
Almost all historical KBS were not complex systems in an authentic sense. But it is not a good idea to criticize them because with available resources and theories, they did their best. Sooner or later, we will have to design our KBS as complex adaptive systems, so why not sooner. There are three mechanisms that must be part of any knowledge based system, viz., Interdependency and fluidity, mechanisms for attribution of emergent properties, and self-organization.

Karan Sharma was the author of this paper which will be presented at The First Conference on Artificial General Intelligence and is pursuing his M.S. in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Georgia. Currently, he is working on theoretical foundations of Fluid Reasoning and Representations that will aid in the creation of Artificial General Intelligence. He strongly believes that the time has come to renounce traditional cul-de-sac rigid AI in favor of more fluid and plastic approaches.
His research interests include:

  • Complex Systems: Emergence, Self-Organization, Adaptive Agents.
  • Evolutionary Computation: Genetic algorithms, Genetic Programming, Theory.
  • Natural and Computational Creativity: Analogical Reasoning, Complex Systems Approach.
  • Artificial General Intelligence: Knowledge Representation, Information Theoretic Approaches, Theory of General Intelligence.
  • Others: Evolutionary Psychology, Cognitive Fluidity.
Prior to joining the University of Georgia, Karan earned his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kurukshetra University, India.