Advisory Board

Kamesh Mupparaju, MBA

Kamesh Mupparaju, MBA is Founder of BTCXINDIA and Director of S Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd.
S Capital Solutions’ main objectives are to engage in India and elsewhere the business of trading and acting as consultants, trainers and service providers to the public at large, corporates, governments, societies, trusts, non-government organizations in the areas of trading, hedging, leveraging, risk management, strategy in currency derivatives, virtual currency, and currency spot.
They engage in the business of information technology services for currency trading and risk management including but not limited to cryptography solutions, hedging solutions leveraging solutions and provide material, training services associated with above and any other related and permissible activities both in India and overseas.
BTCXINDIA is promoted by S Capital Solutions Pvt Ltd for the buying and selling of bitcoins, bitcoin exchange services, and to set up bitcoin ATMs across major metros in India.
Kamesh was previously FX Analyst and Dealer at Six Capital, SGX Centre 1; Senior Research Analyst at True Infotec; Manager at Commodity Operations and Analysis at Padmakshi Financial Services; and Research Analyst at Reliagre Commodities.
Kamesh earned his Bachelor of Technology (BTech) in Electronics and Telecommunications at IETE in 2004 and his MBA in Finance at Osmania University in 2007.
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