Advisory Board

Justin O’Connell

Justin O’Connell is the author of Bitcoinomics and the fiction work Town & Country. He is the CEO of GoldSilverBitcoin and hosts the radio show Our Very Own Special Show.
GoldSilverBitcoin was founded with the needs of the future bullion investor in mind. As long time purchasers of precious metals, they hope to bring the movement into the 21st century. They have worked together in the bullion industry for several years and have discovered bitcoin and decided that it is what modern precious metals investors needed as it offers privacy and can also be used as payment to anyone, anywhere in the world, instantly.
Justin authored Bitcoin payment protocol overhaul nears implementation and The Music Industry Needs Innovative Currency.
Watch GOLD, SILVER & BITCOIN: A “Rebel’s” Portfolio? Read his LinkedIn profile. Read his blog.