Advisory Board

Dr. Julie Morin-Rivat

Julie Morin-Rivat, Ph.D. in Agronomic sciences and Bioengineering is an archaeologist infiltrated in the world of tropical forestry. Her research explores the way past human populations impacted their environment in central Africa. In particular, she uses wood charcoal in soil as a proxy for anthropogenic disturbances and to identify the species that burnt during the past at different periods for palaeoenvironmental reconstruction. Her Ph.D. dissertation is titled Of trees and men: new insights into man-environment relationships in the moist forests of central Africa during the Holocene.
Julie was honored with the Fonds Jean-Lebrun scientific award in ecology and biogeography from the Belgium Royal Academy of Sciences for her research about past human activities in the dense forests of Central Africa.
She completed her Master in Biology, Health, and Ecology in 2011 at the École Pratique des Hautes Études (EPHE) with her speciality being Environment and Biodiversity Management. She completed her Master in Archaeology and Environment in 2011 at University Paris 1 – Panthéon Sorbonne with her speciality being Charcoal analysis. She completed her Bachelor in Social and Historical Anthropology in 2006 at University of Toulouse II – Le Mirail.
Among her challenges: to find evidence of human settlements in remote areas within the African forest, and to develop innovative methods to study wood in all its forms. She is really concerned about making connections between people and projects, and to share her passions with wider public audiences.
Julie is also a science fiction writer under the name Roznarho. Read Roznarho, la science-fiction s’écrit au féminin.
Read her LinkedIn profile and ResearchGate profile. View her Facebook page and her Instagram photos. Follow her Twitter feed + Twitter feed Roznarho. Personal websites: (research) and (writing).