Advisory Board

Jouko Salonen

Jouko Salonen is CAO / CFO at GOV .FI Agency and Founder of
Jouko has 8 years experience in government administration and 20 years experience as an entrepreneur and CEO in the IT & B2B service business.
He moonlights as a member of the founder team in a startup focusing on next generation trust structures that can be used in trading or in payment systems. The final name of the company does not exist yet, so is just an interim working title for this project. They are using cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and some advanced blockchain innovations like ethereum as the cornerstones of their mobile p2p tx service platform.
Jouko was previously Founder at; Founder at Precogito; Coach, facilitator at scrumsaturday; Founder at XFetch2; Founder at Digital Artefacts; Founder, Managing Director at Republica Corp; PhD Research Grant / Visiting Scholar at The Academy of Finland; and various teaching and research assistant positions at the University of Jyväskylä.
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