Advisory Board

Josef P. Holbert

“Turbulence” can color and affect both fine arts and government communications.
Josef P. Holbert was a press secretary in Washington, D.C. one turbulent day when the President fired Joe’s boss, a Cabinet secretary. Joe heard about it on all-news radio in the middle of a Potomac bridge at rush hour. He glared and dared oncoming traffic, jumped the divider, U-turned and drove back to a crush of White House reporters. Joe managed the White House press in Anchorage when the Emperor of Japan made his first visit to U.S. soil.
Joe’s seascape and lighthouse paintings, and sometimes a portrait, respect and reflect turbulence: using layers and texturing acrylics to demonstrate the turbulence of storms, changing winds lashing rains and conflicting waves and currents. Some turbulence is good. Joe studied commercial art and broadcast communications at Kansas State University. He worked as an art director and creative services vice president at national and his own advertising agencies between government writing and editing opportunities.
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