Advisory Board

John Fellows

John Fellows is President of the Canada ISA Society International Space Agency, Founder of OneFrontier, and Partner at 5DXperience.
With 25 years as a specialist in working with breakthrough innovations, John has an extensive background in the business of ideas and intellectual properties. While working with internet, search engine, water, and bioengineering startups at the pioneering stages and as these sectors emerged, John has gained diversified business experience, both private and public. Along the way John has also been described as a communications visionary, mathematician, and mystic, for his wide range of understanding and ability to communicate with subject matter experts in science, technology, marketing, cosmology, mathematics, and social networking.
John has developed a proprietary mathematical model for the evaluation and translation of emerging breakthroughs and innovations in vortex-based mathematics, energy, quantum physics, transmedia, and consciousness.
In addition, he has served as President of a number of community based associations, serving thousands of families in Vancouver over the past three decades.
John is connected with the emerging Cosmic Culture of our time and welcomes the opportunity to collaborate and serve others in this journey.
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