Advisory Board

Joe Ventura

Joe Ventura is Founder and CEO of AlphaPoint and Board Member at Alitin.
AlphaPoint produces enterprise class exchange software, order gateway, and risk/administration tools. Their product agnostic system is able to support new products. They are currently focusing on digital currencies such as bitcoin. Their system is in production for businesses offering enterprise financial services including digital currency exchanges, wallet providers, and Forex. Their system also supports traditional assets such as FX, equities, futures, and options. Bolt-ons including B2B clearing, compliance/regulatory modules, auditing, and platform integration allow the system to quickly and cleanly adapt to business demands.
Alitin is a highly secure, high performance US based digital currency exchange offering service to both retail and institutional clients located in all 50 states. Powered by the AlphaPoint platform, Alitin is a fully featured, multi-interface exchange and digital currency wallet. Interfaces include a simple account & wallet with buy/sell and a full trader interface supporting advanced order types, level 2 market data, websocket, binary, and FIX APIs. Full API coverage allows anyone to build their own interface to the platform.
Joe is an idea man who seeks to simplify complex problems while building world class solutions. He is a true full system architect with specialties in highly secure and ultra high performance systems. His experience stems from building demanding messaging and database platforms. He has a track record of excellent back and front end systems for top tier financial institutions.
He was previously Senior Software Engineer at Adept Cloud, Senior Software Engineer at Mantara, Founder / CTO at Acute Dream, and Lead Software Developer at FuturePath Trading.
Joe earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics at Manhattan College.
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