Advisory Board

Professor Jianhua (Joshua) Yang

Jianhua (Joshua) Yang, Ph.D. is Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of Southern California.
Joshua focuses on Post-CMOS materials and devices to enable non von Neumann hardware, architecture and algorithms.
Current projects include:

  1. Neuromorphic / Synaptic computing using memristive devices with diffusion dynamics to implement neuroscience principles;
  2. Hardware accelerators to efficiently implement Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning using analog resistive switching devices;
  3. High performance Non-volatile memories using emerging materials and devices.
He serves on a number of Advisory Boards of international journals and conferences, such as Advanced Intelligent Systems, Advanced Materials Technologies, Small Structures, and the International Conference on Electroceramics. He was named as a Spotlight Scholar of UMass Amherst in 2017. He was also a recipient of UMass distinguished faculty lecturer and UMass Chancellor’s Medal, the highest honor of UMass.
His papers include Memristive devices for computing, Memristors with diffusive dynamics as synaptic emulators for neuromorphic computing, Memristive switching mechanism for metal/oxide/metal nano-devices, The mechanism of electroforming of metal oxide memristive switches, Dot-Product Engine for Neuromorphic Computing: Programming 1T1M Crossbar to Accelerate Vector-Matrix Multiplication, Trilayer Tunnel Selectors for Memristor Memory Cells, High switching endurance in TaOx memristive devices, and RENO: a high-efficient reconfigurable neuromorphic computing accelerator design.
Joshua earned his B.S. in Materials Processing Engineering at Southeast University in 1997, his M.S. in Materials Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2003, and his Ph.D. in Materials Science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2007.
Read his Google Scholar profile and his LinkedIn profile.