Advisory Board

Jesse Merriman

Jesse Merriman is Programmer/Analyst for the Frontier Science Foundation. Frontier Science is a non-profit research foundation established in 1975 to advance the application of statistical science and practice and data management techniques in science, health care, and education.
Jesse was previously Co-op Programmer/Operator at Children’s Institute, Co-op Software Developer at RightNow Technologies, and Co-op Software Developer at Soleo Communications.
His programming projects have included LTF: Linear Transformation Finder, WebmailPGP: PGP for webmail, VideoURLs: Extracting video URLs from JavaScript, Mower: Lawn Mower Cellular Automata, Puzzle Solver: Configuration Puzzle Solver, Educator: Educational Math Game, DMV Line: DMV Waiting Line Simulation, Elevators: Dual Elevator Simulation, RPS: Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Trig Patterns: Trigonometric Grapher.
Jesse earned his B.S. in Computer Science with Honors from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2006.