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Jere L. Brinkley, MSc

Jere L. Brinkley, MSc is Owner at Attrick Aviation.
Jere started in Test and Evaluation (T&E) at Edwards AFB, CA, as a Flight Test Engineer in the 6510 Test Wing. He served there for four years and relocated to Arnold Engineering Development Center (AEDC), Arnold AFB, TN. There he served as Senior Program Manager and supervisor in Operations and Maintenance responsible for AEDC’s +$250 million Instrumentation, Controls, and Data Processing assets with a staff of 3 to 7 AF Eng. Officers in propulsion, rocket testing and wind tunnels.
He was selected for a one-year career broadening assignment to HAF/TE, the Pentagon. His assignment included the USAF T&E Acquisition Professional Development Program (APDP), AF T&E Policies, and the Large Wind Tunnel ($3.2 Billion Program). At the end of this first year, Under Secretary of Defense (USD) Test Facilities Resources requested support from HAF/TE, which in turn requested him to remain at the Pentagon as executive officer to Mr. Bolino (SES4) for two months. At the end of that detail, USD Research & Engineering requested that he stay for an additional 120-day detail to support Dr.’s Dix (SES6) and Gontarek (SES5) by negotiation and conclusion of international agreements with Sweden, Canada, and UK.
Jere returned to Arnold AFB after his tour and started work on a Master’s Degree. His contacts in Europe, Pentagon, and AFMC, other services, and Range Commanders Council directly influenced and allowed Arnold AFB to achieve many tests, capabilities, and moneys otherwise sent elsewhere. In Jan 2006, he accepted a Deputy Director position (GS-15) to relocate to Tyndall AFB, FL. He advised the 53rd Weapons Evaluation Group (53rd WEG), reported to the Commander (Col) of this six squadron, 600 personnel Group, and was responsible for T&E. He assisted and spoke on behalf of the Group Commander, supervised subordinate commanders and civilians and was responsible for NSPS conversion of the 53rd WEG.
He retired from Civil Service effective Dec 2007 and returned at AF request as a reemployed annuitant at a GS15 Grade for 3 years at AFCESA/CEOA (AF Civil Engineering Support Agency/Plans and Programs) as the CRATR (Critical Runway AssessmenT and Repair) Program Manager, Oct 1, 2008. Jere published numerous papers over the years, the most recent being, “Future of Airfield Damage Assessment” (AF Civil Engineer Vol 18/1 2010) and another in process, “IR Post Attack Damage Assessment Systems”.
In Sept 2012 he started his own Company; Attrick Aviation, L.L.C specializing in: Program Management, Test and Evaluation, and Proposal and Engineering Evaluation. His experience is in all areas of T&E; Stealth technology flight-test (Have Blue), acquisition flight-test (F16, B1A, ALCM), Rough Runway Repair flight-test (Have Bounce, UK–US), and Black World test programs. He supported test programs at Arnold AFB, TN for the B-1 and B-2, F-16, F-15, F18, F14, F22, JSF, ALCM, Peacekeeper, Minute Man, and commercial programs as well as advanced technology programs such as Space and Nuclear Effects and signature, and RF Effects programs.
At AEDC he was directly responsible for managing and evaluating a workforce of 400 Jacob/SVT contractors and the AEDC Instrumentation, Control, and ADPE/Software systems. He served as the Test Instrumentation Systems ($72.4 million) Program Manager (PM), ILSJPO ($85 million) Deputy PM (Navy/AF) and Project Manager on numerous other systems. He was the Technical Advisor/CDT (Deputy Commander for Test) in the 53rd WEG at Tyndall AFB as well as the SSEB (Source Selection Evaluation Board) Chairman for the Lockheed Martin contract, annual value of $12 Million, and chaired the CCB (Configuration Control Board) for the Gulf Range Drone Control System (GRDCS).
Jere’s recommendations are sought after regarding future Navy and Army as well as Air Combat Command Requirements Office (ACC/A8) fielding approval of the BQM167A drone aircraft. He has extensive training and operational experience as Naval Aircrew (+2000 hours), Intelligence Officer (CIA), engineering, acquisition, and business.
He earned Bachelor degrees in Electrical/Electronic engineering from the University of Wisconsin (UW) Milwaukee and his Master of Science degree in Aviation Administration at Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU) and is a life member of the Phi-Kappa-Phi honor society. In addition, he is a member of the National Management Association (NMA), the International Test and Evaluation Association (ITEA), Association of Former Intelligence Officers, Range Commanders Council (RCC), Data Reduction and Computing Group (DR&CG), and Frequency Management Group (FMG).
Jere was awarded by the Navy; Air Medal, Good Conduct Medal, National Defense Medal, Squadron Awards of three consecutive E’s, Vietnam Service Medal, Vietnam Civil Actions, Vietnam Cross of Gallantry, Vietnam Campaign Medal, and Air Crew Wings. In addition, he was awarded the AF Civilian Meritorious Service Medal in 1993 for his leadership of the USAF APDP T&E Program, and Commercial Pricing Policy Legislation and the Outstanding Career Service Medal (Legion of Merit) in 2007.
Jere is a private pilot with over 700 hours logged PIC flight time, owns his own airplane (N6172P-Sally), and is a rated USAF RPA pilot as of Jan 2010. He is married to Georgene Farris from Hampshire, TN and have three children between them, waiting on their second grandchild to arrive from China.
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