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Professor Jens Allwood

Jens Allwood, Ph.D. is Professor, Department of Applied Information Technology, University of Göteborg; Head, SCCIL — Center of Interdisciplinary Research, Göteborg; and President of the Immigrant Institute.
Jens is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Intercultural Communication and is co-editor of Cognitive Semantics: Meaning and Cognition.
His research mainly comprises research in the areas of semantics and pragmatics. Mostly this research has been focused on interaction in spoken language including psycholinguistic and sociolinguistic aspects. At present he is heading projects focused on semantics for spoken language activity-based communication analysis, cultural variation in communication and the visualization of complex information.
Some current projects are: Deep Lexical Concept Analysis, Activity-Based Variation in Spoken Language, Trust as Resource in Striving for Rationality, Intelligent Instruments for Information Processing, Cultural Models of Conflict Handling — an intercultural and interdisciplinary study of Malaysia, and Information Visualization and Exploration Support (IVES).
Activity-based communication analysis (ACA) is a term originally coined by Jens. It constitutes an interdisciplinary approach for analyzing social activity inspired by areas such as philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, psychology, and sociology.
His papers include On the semantics and pragmatics of linguistic feedback, An activity based approach to pragmatics, The MUMIN coding scheme for the annotation of feedback, turn management and sequencing phenomena, Meaning potentials and context: Some consequences for the analysis of variation in meaning, Cross linguistic interpretation of emotional prosody, Speech management — On the non-written life of speech, and Bodily communication dimensions of expression and content. Read the full list of his publications!
Jens earned his Ph.D. in 1976 with the dissertation Linguistic communication as action and cooperation at Göteborg University.
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