Advisory Board

Dr. Jeffrey H. Collins

Jeffrey H. Collins, Ph.D. is Professor, Anthropology, Science and Technology, and Director, OUSA, International Programs, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, Georgia.
Jeffrey was previously Dean of General Studies; Director of Odyssey Program, Art Institute of Atlanta from 1993 to 2002. Dean of General Studies; Director of Odyssey Program, Art Institute of Atlanta.
His courses taught include: 40 online courses, (AIU), Ancient World, Medieval/Renaissance World, Global Culture, Modern Art (Art Institute), World Civilizations (four-course sequence), Art History: Ancient to Renaissance (Art Institute), Art History: Renaissance to Modern (Art Institute), History of Architecture: Ancient to Baroque (Art Institute), Anthropology of Technology, History of Architecture: 18th-20th century (Art Institute), Ancient Art (Oglethorpe University, Art Institute), Renaissance Art (Oglethorpe University), 18th and 19th Century Art (Oglethorpe University), Modern Art (Oglethorpe University), Far Eastern Art and Culture (Oglethorpe University, Georgia State University), Art of Africa and Oceania (Georgia State University), Art and Culture (Oglethorpe University), European Tour and Lectures (6 trips), Architecture of Ancient Greece: Greek trips and lectures (6 trips), Art of France, England: Trips and Lectures (3 trips), Modern Architecture (Art Institute of Atlanta), Anthropology (Oglethorpe University, Art Institute), Technology and the Human Future (Oglethorpe University), and Cosmology: Honors course (Oglethorpe University).
Jeffrey earned his BA in English from Baylor University in 1974, his MA in Interdisciplinary Studies from Colorado State University in 1982, and his Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Studies in 1982. His coursework and research areas included global culture, global communications, modern history, visual anthropology, technology, and future political paradigms.