Advisory Board

Jeff Bone

Jeff Bone is a serial entrepreneur, technologist, and more recently financial engineer and trading manager.
Jeff was a Managing Director and Principal of RGM Advisors, LLC, a proprietary trading firm that applies scientific methods and computing power to trading financial instruments. During his six-year stint at RGM, he built and managed the company’s foreign exchange practice and later assumed management of its fixed income practice as well. The role involved everything from initiating and managing relationships with exchanges, clearers, and prime brokerages to management of very large credit lines and large-scale trading; development of pieces of the trading system as well as its operation; analysis of trading opportunities and behavior; creation of trading models through a variety of machine learning tools and methods; and pretty much whatever else was needed at any given time.
Prior to joining RGM, Jeff spent a wild decade-and-a-bit starting and managing a number of software companies. In 1993, he cofounded and became the CTO of Activerse, developer of the first Internet email and web browser applications that ran on mobile handhelds. In 1996, after profitably exiting the handheld space, this morphed into Activerse and became developer of the first (and so far only) Internet-scale buddy list and instant messaging application as well as first commercial peer-to-peer application.
After selling Activerse in 1999 to CMGI, he founded and was the CEO of Clickfeed, one of the first microblogging, social bookmarking, and news feed aggregation / publication platforms. After the dot-bomb, Jeff and his colleagues repurposed some of the more interesting semantic classification and indexing ideas from Clickfeed to start Deepfile Corporation (now called StoredIQ.) StoredIQ’s products crawl, index, classify, search, and automate policies for managing enterprise-scale filesystems; it is still a going concern.
Jeff’s passions are: the future, learning, science, machine intelligence, human intelligence, risk assessment and management, big data, complex systems, simplicity, life hacking, technological acceleration, tool-building, economics, markets, memetics, freedom, and figuring out the various systems that make the world tick.
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