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Jason Silva

Jason Silva is a Venezuelan-American television personality and filmmaker currently working as a Host and Producer on Current TV, the television channel cofounded by Al Gore and now the fastest growing cable network in TV history. He currently resides in Los Angeles.
Jason earned a degree both in film and philosophy from the University of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida. He, along with Max Lugavere, produced and starred in a documentary/performance piece entitled “Textures of Selfhood”. The name for the film was taken from the Hedonistic Imperative, a website promoting the end to human suffering by philosopher David Pearce.
Max and Jason have become a prolific hosting and producing duo on Current, with stories ranging from illegal immigration and counterfeit IDs, to the effect of pheromones in sexual attraction, to profiling a brave new singer songwriter right before signing a publishing deal. Their story on counterfeit IDs earned them a featured appearance and interview on Anderson Cooper 360. They have also been invited to guest host hit shows on E! and Women’s Entertainment, been featured in a full-page LA Times article on Current, and have also cohosted a panel on short-form film making at the 2006 South By Southwest festival. Most recently Max and Jason were spotlighted in full page write ups on Angeleno Magazine, Flaunt Magazine and Nylon Guys, who called them “The stars of Current TV”. The Paley Center in NYC (formerly the museum of Television and Radio) has most recently invited them to lead a panel on the evolution and rise of citizen journalism.
Jason produced and edited the short film The Immortalists, featuring interviews with Ray Kurzweil, Michael West, Michael Fossel, and Dan Baker on the will to become immortal. The film, which Jason calls “a love letter to science and philosophy” was inspired after reading Alan Harrington’s The Immortalist. The short has been making the rounds online and has been featured of the front page of 17 different blogs on the internet.