Advisory Board

Jason Rosenstein

Jason Rosenstein is Operations Manager at RightClick LLC, CEO / Cofounder at Coinographer, and Board Member at the Open Source Financial Developers Association.
Jason is a technologist and entrepreneur who stepped into the world of cryptocurrency in 2011. From his first machine in June 2011, built to mine bitcoin, Jason has been experimenting and mastering uses of different operating systems and unusual implementations in coding to generate the currency at top efficiency levels. Skilled in C++ and Java programming, his expertise meshes quite well with his computer hardware and architecture knowledge. He comes to the cryptocurrency field to support the inevitable acceptation of bitcoin and alternative payment methods worldwide.
Coinographer delivers turnkey mining rigs for beginners to experts in the cryptocurrency field. Their machines range from 750kh/s to 3,800kh/s for the use of sCrypt based mining. They have taken care of the strenuous tasks of building the machine, downloading the correct drivers, and coding the configuration files specifically for your pool settings.
Watch his YouTube channel. Read his LinkedIn profile and his Meetup profile.