Advisory Board

Jason R. Stockton

Jason R. Stockton is Optomechanical Engineer Intern at Advanced Light Technologies / Photometics. He is also Member of The Mars Society and Staff Sergeant in the Army National Guard.
Jason worked on the project “Study of the effects of mirror coatings on the polarization of a polarized laser beam” and was previously Programs Officer, CSU, Chico Society of Physics Students. He coauthored Performance of Metal-Coated Mirrors with Different Protective Dielectric Layers.
He has a passion for human space exploration, especially with regard to Mars. He has studied Mars’s magnetic fields and is up-to-date on the latest exploration missions. It is his long-term goal to work contributing to human exploration and settlement of the red planet.
Jason earned his Bachelor of Science in Applied Physics at California State University-Chico in 2015. He earned his Associate of Science in Physics at Butte College in 2012.
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