Advisory Board

Jason Cassidy

Jason Cassidy is Chief Communications Officer at Emercoin, Owner of, Cofounder and Co-Host of, and Cofounder & President at
Emercoin is a leading digital currency and blockchain platform that focuses on true innovation. Believing in the power of the blockchain, Emercoin has developed a revolutionary set of ready-to-use features and services that offer solutions for everyday business. Their feature set is growing by the day so here is a sample of their current technologies on the Emercoin blockchain:

  • EMC SSH – Decentralized solution for secure shell management
  • EMC SSL – Decentralized solution for online security and passwordless authentication
  • EMC DNS – Censorship-resistant domain name system that improves upon Namecoin
  • EMC TTS – Trusted time stamping service
  • EMC STREAM – Micropayment library for streaming digital media of all types
  • EMC LNX – The first decentralized pay-per-click advertising network of its kind
  • EMC DPO – Digital proof of ownership solution for physical or digital goods and services
  • EMC InfoCard – Storage for digital business cards for use with EMC SSL focuses on the acquisition, development, and promotion of digital property with the goal of creating industry specific companies. They connect individuals, startups, and established businesses with premium blockchain and fintech domain names to facilitate that process. is building the very first blockchain media platform, with the goal to provide relevant and on-trend content with a global perspective on the decentralization revolution. is Canada’s 1st Bitcoin consulting company, focusing on the growth and adoption of Bitcoin across the country. They work with individuals, charities, and businesses to identify how Bitcoin can help them succeed.
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