Advisory Board

Jan Vandenbos

“In his role as our Senior Security Architect, Jan Vandenbos has been the key individual responsible for driving our entire online security strategy and ongoing audits and assessments. He is an action-oriented, forward-looking thought leader who has provided both the technical tools and infrastructure as well as the processes and best practices rigor that have enabled us to dramatically reduce our vulnerability while increasing our code quality. He is an industry expert who has the rare ability to work at both the executive level as well as at the detailed application code level.”
“Simply stated, his talents and his work here have been top notch. Because of Jan’s efforts, we are now an exemplary eCommerce site leading the way.”

Tim Roberts
Technical Director
AT&T E-Commerce

Jan Vandenbos’s unique, future-focused perspective is informed by a varied and successful career that has afforded him an uncommon depth and breadth of professional knowledge and experience spanning a variety of market sectors.
A frequent speaker and consultant in the areas of long-range risk mitigation, strategic planning, and technology road-mapping and the future, Jan is recognized as a leader in not only assessing and addressing potential future risks, but also in helping businesses confront a full spectrum of technology issues underlying long-term organizational preparedness and viability.
He also serves on the board of directors of the Galileo Educational Network Association, an organization dedicated to advancing one of the causes he is personally passionate about — more fully and effectively integrating science, math, technology, and project-based learning into the education system.
He has previously served on advisory or governing boards for TwoJet Systems/Glide Technologies, Cogneto LLC, Takbax Technologies and Memotrax LLC.
In the course of his more-than twenty-year career encompassing both business and technology innovation, Jan has founded and built four successful companies and has played key executive roles in three others during critical transitional periods of sale or acquisition. In addition to serving as CEO for his own firms, he has held varied positions as CIO, and Chief Security Officer and SVP Technology for different organizations.
Jan is also the moderator for the Pacific Northwest Future Salon (organized under the auspices of the Acceleration Studies Foundation) and is a frequent speaker in the areas of future studies and risk.
Jan currently is CEO and Chairman of Visiomente Corporation, a “cradle to launch” business consulting firm founded in 2008 through the merger of Takbax Technologies LLC and Valhalla Research Group, Inc. Visiomente assists organizations in the launch of new technology products in the Web 2.0 environment with a comprehensive menu of services ranging from strategic planning and organizational architecture and risk management to technology road-mapping, marketing and more. In addition, he runs, a web site for future-oriented creative thinkers that borrows its name from the Myers-Briggs Personality type designation for “inventor”.