Advisory Board

James Newton-Thomas, M.AppSci

James Newton-Thomas, M.AppSci is Director at Second Tree Pty Ltd and Director at Gestalt Australia Pty Ltd. He is an independent consultant on field robotics and has team managed and deployed several mining and military systems. His company was fully acquired by Caterpillar in 2005. He was a speaker at the Singularity Summit Australia 2010.
James was an early developer of AI systems in Australia developing loan officer systems used in the major banks in Australia in the 80s using neural networks and adaptive expert systems. This work was extended through the 90s into high energy laser development including phased array lasers and adaptive vision systems.
His later interests and area of work is in the engineering of machine consciousness, specifically the phenomenology of consciousness, and the development of quantum Turing architectures.
James earned his M.AppSci at RMIT University, Australia. He currently works in Melbourne and is working towards his Ph.D. Read his LinkedIn profile.