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James Kent

The H+ article Overclocking the Human CPU: A primer for the future of human intelligence said

Although the human imagination is capable of many things, it is very difficult to imagine being smarter than we are now. We may be able to envision a life where the average human can hold hundreds of facts in working memory and manipulate them all with perfect accuracy and efficiency, but it is hard to imagine what they would feel like. How much more would we “know” due to the heightened capacity of our super-genius intellect? Would the feeling be cold and computer-like; would it be eerily prescient and clairvoyant? Would it be god-like?
These are more than just rhetorical questions. While we 21st century humans are currently locked within the framework of our genetic neural architecture, our species, has gotten to the point where we can routinely tweak and build on the physical traits we’re born into with some training, chemical or surgical tinkering, and/or targeted genetic alteration. Messing with the fabric of human intelligence may be an ethical black area in today’s climate, but superintelligence research is well under way in many forms right now. We’re heading into a future we can hardly begin to imagine with our primitive brains.

James Kent was the author of this article and is CEO at Supermassive, LLC. Supermassive engages in advanced web consulting, design, and hosting. They handle web commerce, database solutions, and secure networking.
James has fifteen years experience in independent media publishing and distribution, including print, periodicals, CDs, DVDs, and online media in underground markets. He has ten years experience developing custom internet applications for networked content and database management. Clients/Employers have included Microsoft, ADP, Cambridge Technology, Starwave /, National Association of Credit Managers, and the State of Washington.
He is cocreator of, a multi-user collaborative “moblog” covering all aspects of modern drug culture — from art, music, & literature to breakthroughs in pharmaceutical research; from shamanism and psychotherapy to drug policy around the world; from Ecstasy, cocaine, and speed to alcohol, coffee, and benzodiazepines. DoseNation has its eye on all the non-ordinary (and ordinary) states that psychoactives and other technologies have to offer.
James is former Editor and Publisher of Trip Magazine (“the Journal of Psychedelic Culture”). He earned his BA in Writing, Sociology, and Anthropology at the University of Redlands in 1991.
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