Advisory Board

Dr. Jacques M. Mathieu

Jacques M. Mathieu, Ph.D. is Research Scientist, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Rice University.
Jacques is currently working on methods to reduce the intracellular accumulation of 7-ketocholesterol that occurs in certain age-related diseases.
He coauthored Microbial degradation of 7-ketocholesterol, Medical bioremediation of age-related diseases, and Increased resistance to oxysterol cytotoxicity in fibroblasts transfected with a lysosomally targeted Chromobacterium oxidase.
Jacques earned his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering at Rice University.
Watch SENS5 — Lysosomal enhancement strategies for the treatment of oxysterol-induced cytotoxicity. Read Clearing cells of age-related wastes and Introducing Jacques. Read his LinkedIn profile.