Advisory Board

Jacqueline Dudman

Jacqueline Dudman is Government Liaison Officer at Research Middle East Group and Project Coordinator at the International Space Development HUB (ISDHub).
Jacs fast-tracked her career through promotion through a series of increasingly responsible management positions under the U.S. Department of Defense, with the International Coalition Forces and NATO.
She has 19 years strategic management experience in planning the technology and logistics for land-based field construction operations worldwide. She has administered up to 150 million USD in annual budgets to support US military airfield operations while stationed in Iraq, covering runway improvements, hangar upgrades, and aircraft refueling depots.
With her expertise in Technical Air and Ground Operations, emergency repairs and upgrades, she has planned and directed cooperative operations between the US, Germany, Middle East, and the United Kingdom, through direct leadership of multinational teams.
Jacs is fluent in German, and is very passionate about flight and astronomy and is currently working on her FAA Flight Ground School, essential aerodynamics, and aviation.
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