Advisory Board

J. Bradley Hall

J. Bradley Hall is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of ICON Capital Reserve.
ICON Capital Reserve is empowering private clients who want to create, trade, and store value utilizing cutting edge blockchain technology. ICON is built on a foundation of Security, Discretion, and Trust. The company has fully invested in future-proof software and encryption to create AUREALS™ a fusion of gold and distributed ledgers that insulate holders from currency, institutional, and systemic hazard.
Brad is the architect behind the launch of a number of successful companies and enjoys a reputation as a focused, energetic entrepreneur with 30 years of finance, M&A, operational, gold trading, and fund management experience. Brad is a thought leader who has deployed disruptive new business models that challenge outdated and often vulnerable incumbents across cultures and geographies including: the Americas, Brasil, Western/Eastern Europe, the CIS, and Asia.
Brad’s extensive experience includes: Founder, Chairman, and CEO of REALGOLDX™ Global Corp, a physical gold trading company; Founder, Chairman and CEO of Amazing Technologies Corp, a hedge fund backed Oracle partner that raised US $34.5 million and in less than 24 months grew to 1000+ customers and employees in 30+ countries in emerging markets; GP at ICON Capital Management Inc., a San Francisco based pre-IPO software fund; Founder and VP of the Triax Growth Fund, a Toronto based structured products fund that grew to CDN $1.8 Billion; Canadian Director for Campaign ‘95, a US $100 million IBM channel push for OS/2 that generated $1 billion in new licensing revenue and Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Integrity Software Corp., a pioneering automated software factory, sold to a leading Indian outsourcing and managed services group. Brad graduated from Seneca College in Toronto where he focused on International Business, Finance, and Economics.
His publications include Digital Currencies: Blockchain, Icon Capital’s J. Bradley Hall says “BTC tokens act as sort of a claim check with nothing to claim”, Breaking the $HK link to the $US — this time it’s different?, Will Hong Kong trust Bitcoin?, and Hong Kong’s future amidst the changing monetary system.
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