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Dr. Ivan Wall

Ivan Wall, Ph.D., CBiol, FRSB, AMIChemE, AHEA is Senior Lecturer & Undergraduate Admissions Tutor, Department of Biochemical Engineering, University College London.
Ivan is a multidisciplinary scientist working at the interface of bioprocess engineering and science. Drawing on extensive practical understanding and working knowledge of the cell biology principles of tissue injury, repair, and regeneration, his work focuses on the development of new products and processes for the regenerative medicine industry. Critically for supporting the growing industry, he focuses on developing product and process understanding that will enable translation from the lab bench to industrial platforms employed in the manufacturing setting.
He earned his Masters (2002) and Ph.D. degrees (2006) from Cardiff University Medical and Dental Schools and then undertook post-doctoral work first at the UCL Eastman Dental Institute followed by the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology. Building close links with clinicians early in his career has fueled his desire to ensure research is translational and informed by the clinical need. Since 2009 he has held an academic post at UCL Biochemical Engineering, where he is currently a Senior Lecturer.
Ivan has built a multidisciplinary group working on a range of projects covering process development and product characterization in collaboration with clinical and industrial partners across the globe. His current work includes scalable expansion of adult progenitor cells, development of cell lines for neural tissue repair, modular approaches to tissue engineering, high throughput screening tools to optimize cell manufacturing processes, development of potency assays that adopt physiologically relevant parameters, molecular priming to enhance vascular support characteristics of MSCs, and scalable processing for exosome production. He has published 50 papers and book chapters to date and is a visiting professor at Dankook University, South Korea, where his team works on advanced biomaterials for tissue engineering.
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