Advisory Board

James Churchill

Born 1967 in England, James Churchill has studied a wide variety of disciplines and holds a B.A. Degree in Fine Art as well as Certificates in Commercial Art & Design, 3D Computer graphics, and Sound & Lighting. He has worked in the entertainment industry since 1988, moving into feature films in 1994. During this time he has worked with many of the film, television, and music industry’s top professionals. He is the author of Cosmic Garage.
As a consultant to the Theme Park Industry, his positions have included Art Director and Project Manager for Warner Bros and Sea World, and he has helped design and build some of Australia’s most well known attractions. His experience spans over 120 projects including the creation of 12 giant kewpie dolls for the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games which drew an audience of more than 3 billion people worldwide.
In 1995 he founded Bimmini Special Effects Studios which became one of the largest dedicated production studios in Australia. In 2004 he won 5 International Awards including the National Award (Silver Lotus) IIFA Award, Zee Cine Award, and the Film Producers Guild Award for best Special Effects in film. His recent conceptual artwork and influence can be seen in feature films such as Superman Returns, House of Wax, See No Evil, and Aquamarine. Check IMDb for more details.
He produced, directed, and edited the Documentary “The Harmonic Code” with Bruce L. Cathie, and is currently involved with writing and producing feature films in association with Alliance Motion Pictures.
His part-time interests include the design and fabrication of off-road vehicles, restoration of vintage engines, motorcycles, and machinery, as well as model making and replica props and costume making.
From 1983 to 1991 he trained in several martial arts styles including Jeet Kune Do with Larry Hartsell (Mr. T’s bodyguard, trainer of the L.A.P.D), Dan Inosanto (Bruce Lee’s close friend and operator of the JKD Academy), Graciella Cassillas (10 years women’s world martial arts champion), and also Wing Chun Kung Fu under the late Grandmaster Jim Fung and Karen Armstrong. He has also studied Karate, Jui-Jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, Judo, Chinese Boxing, and advanced weapons training.
Read about his research into the Missing Chambers of the Great Pyramid, The Origins of the Atef Crown, and Eye of Horus.