Advisory Board

Dr. Hamid Chbouki

Hamid Chbouki, Ph.D. is a seasoned and accomplished high-technology executive. Through his work ethics and leadership paralleled with advanced education, he develops high-impact ventures.
His latest venture, Eskuila, is an e-Learning marketplace and platform. Hamid conceived its architecture and business model.

Previously, he conceived and developed a “Mobile Banking Solution” called Dinar, aimed at the un-banked populations in developing countries. The application has been praised for its usefulness and its transformational aspect.
Hamid has participated in European Union projects aimed at bridging the digital gap between its northern and southern countries. Among those projects, he was project manager for 3 years for the Digital Business Ecosystem project, a virtual platform aimed at increasing Information and Communication Technology (ICT) adoption for European SME’s.
Hamid is a research fellow within the Institute of e-Business Management in Italy. He is a lecturer of knowledge management, entrepreneurship and operations management.
He is also a lecturer for entrepreneurship programs sponsored by the USAID in Africa, bringing entrepreneurial spirit and ideas to disadvantaged youth.
Hamid has a doctorate in e-Business and Knowledge management. He studied corporate management in the United States and Italy and specialized in the “e-Economy”.
On a personal note, Hamid is fluent in English, Italian, Arabic, French, and Spanish. He lived, studied and worked in the United States, Italy, China, Canada, France, Morocco, and Spain. He has traveled to over 25 countries.
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